Namibian Institute of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
NIRAC is committed:
To strengthen and protect the industry of refrigeration, air conditioning and the allied arts and sciences.
To encourage and persevere with the scientific research and the study of principles and methods in the fields of refrigeration, air conditioning.
To promote the unrestricted dissemination of knowledge and information amongst our members by the holding of meetings, the publication of papers, training and other appropriate means.
To assist in educational activities (not including the conduct of any school or institution of learning) and to encourage the adoption and maintenance of high standards of instruction and technical and professional training in the fields of refrigeration, air conditioning.
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NIRAC           P.O. Box 11197     Windhoek            Telephone: 0811280117 / 0812895700       eMail: info@nirac.org
To co-operate with Governmental agencies, and the universities, colleges, schools and other organization's and groups having the same or similar objectives and purposes as the institute.
To procure and maintain the recognition of the professional status of air conditioning and refrigeration engineers.
To assist in the formation of regional centre's at a later stage.
To do all things necessary or proper in connection with, or incidental to, any of the foregoing.